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Why Volunteer with Titi Conservation Alliance?


Projects are designed to create a positive long-term impact for community and environment. Proposed volunteering activities belong to larger conservation strategies and projects that have been going on for at least five years. The organization follows-up on each and every volunteering project. We also try to involve values such as community participation, empowerment, biodiversity learning, etc.


The network of national and local businesses that support Titi Conservation Alliance is constantly growing. The organization´s alliances and agreements with schools, public entities and local associations, ensure the success of the various projects and volunteering. The organization is highly recognized in the area. Works as advisor for the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality, when required.


All volunteer projects take place in rural areas, in proximity to Manuel Antonio/Quepos city, its hotels, beaches, restaurants and other services. This allows volunteers to also enjoy great leisure experiences during their time off, which normally means half of the time they spend in the region. For a volunteer that requires several days of work, this is definitely a plus for everyone.

Individual Volunteering

Titi Conservation Alliance is always welcoming volunteering hands. From May through October, the organization organizes reforestation days. If you´d like to join us for a scheduled planting morning or give your time for administrative or promotion tasks just contact us at info@monotiti.org.

The vast majority of the researches and studies are a result of alliances between Titi Conservation Alliance and national and or international entities, universities and researchers. If you would like to perform a study or thesis with us, please send us your CV and interests to info@monotiti.org. Depending on the topic and degree of the research, the Alliance covers for costs and living expenses.

Research topics of primary interest for the Alliance include: Agro-forestry, local biodiversity, ecological monitoring, grey-crowned squirrel monkeys, environmental education, community surveys, habitat evaluation, endangered species, conservation strategies evaluation, connectivity evaluation, palm oil agro, waste water system improvement for rural communities, monkey bridges, rural solid waste treatment improvement, etc.



Planting Life to Save Titis: Going Beyond Reforestation

Type of volunteering: Group Volunteering. The minimum group is 12 persons.

Season: May through October.

10471373_799784463389720_4052992578979362786_nDescription: The Alliance analyzes the best connectivity routes and native species in order to go beyond reforestation and ensure habitat regeneration for the sake of biodiversity conservation. The activity normally takes place during an entire morning, and each person plants an average of 10-15 trees. TCA selects and prepares the land. The Alliance gives a preliminary presentation to volunteers, which can be held the day before or at the beginning of the reforestation morning. We believe that volunteers should truly understand how their work generates a positive impact in the area.

Costs: The cost of reforestation is $30/person which allows sponsoring five native trees, and the associated 3-year maintenance cost. The Alliance comes with fieldworkers and prepares the land and selects the small trees, so that volunteers enjoy planting in a safe environment. There is no profit in volunteering activities. Transport and food are not included in the prices, except if specified. Frequently, travel agencies that manage the volunteer groups are the ones in charge of logistics for these.

Research topics of primary interest for the Alliance include: Agro-forestry, local biodiversity, ecological monitoring, grey-crowned squirrel monkeys, environmental education, community surveys, habitat evaluation, endangered species, conservation strategies evaluation, connectivity evaluation, palm oil agro, waste water system improvement for rural communities, monkey bridges, rural solid waste treatment improvement, etc.

School Remodeling: Get Your Hands Dirty & Make a Difference

Season: All year round.

Description: Studies prove children learn better in a pleasant environment. A fresh coat of paint and a little elbow grease goes a long way and inspires our future leaders and our current educators to make a difference. So roll up your sleeves and invest in effecting positive and lasting change in our community!

Each year, more than 14 schools share with Titi Conservation Alliance their needs so we can help them find a sponsor and volunteer group that may contribute. Companies, private education centers and universities choose to sponsor one of the projects, most of them, including volunteering and interaction with the parents and local community. Painting of school areas is the most frequent need. Titi Conservation Alliance may send you an updated list of possibilities (painting, nursery development, construction, etc). If sponsors want to do more than volunteering in a school, they may also help with donation projects (e.g. purchasing materials, equipment, etc.).

Become Titi Conservation Alliance’s Researcher: A unique learning intense experience.

1375773_643006972400804_2008827994_nType of volunteering: Group Volunteering. The minimum group is 12 persons to work 3 mornings.

Season: All year round.

Description: The organization has recently started involving volunteers in monitoring initiatives as a way to collect data for analysis whilst empowering and teaching visitors about Costa Rica´s important flora and fauna. It is a unique experience to learn more about forestry and natural characteristics. Volunteers receive a preliminary training on native tree species. With the support of forestry engineers and field workers, volunteers will be collecting data such as trunk width, flowers, fruit existence, approximate height, etc, that is all required to fill out monitoring sheets.

The produced data and results will be used to evaluate habitat regeneration and reforestation strategies that have been developed to protect local biodiversity, specially titi monkeys (S.o.citrinellus). Since volunteers are working in the field, within tropical forest areas, sometimes they encounter monkeys, red macaws, etc.

There is no profit in volunteering activities. Transport and food are not included in the prices, except if specified. Frequently, travel agencies that manage the volunteer groups are the ones in charge of logistics for these.

Check our volunteer possibilities in Volunteer Match and Idealist. Or just send us an email to info@monotiti.org.


I studied and worked on tackling tropical deforestation in the past, but having learned about forest landscape restoration, hoped to support this process by planting some native trees in the wonderful rainforest! I wanted to take part in a project aiming to reverse the current trend for tropical deforestation, however and wherever I could. So, for me, volunteering for Titi Conservation Alliance was a way to learn and contribute from the perspective of how can people from different countries work together to protect the immense wildlife of tropical rainforests. It definitely seems like Costa Rican pura vida took hold in my time in Costa Rica, and I ended up staying much longer than expected, and taking part in Titi Conservation Alliance’s many projects, in ways I never would have expected and this has been amazingly rewarding, and a genuine heap of fun!
I have been able to get out into the Naranjo River Biological Corridor to plant trees, visit the schools TCA works with in the Sponsors for the Future programme, be interviewed by Costa Rican TV, learn and support the Alliance’s social media strategy through blogging, helped TCA connect with environmentally-minded businesses who contribute 1% of their sales profits to sustainability causes, establish and coordinate a project with the Sabalo Agricultural Cooperative, managed events, helped fundraise, translated from Spanish into English during presentations from international visitors, and much more! Best of all, I have been able to enjoy watching the tití monkeys in their natural habitat, growing from babies on mothers’ backs into juveniles becoming more confident in their exploration of the forest. It has been a joy to observe the tití monkeys and see so much commonality with human behaviours, awe at the window they offer into primate evolutionary history too, and see how we are connected to them. Observing a full range of wildlife in the forest is also such a privilege, where I feel like I have seen a new insect, mammal, bird, flower, frog, fungus or berry every day.
I feel now more than ever it is so important for each person to take whatever actions they can to protect a wide diversity of wildlife species all over the world, according to Titi Conservation Alliance’s motto: ¡Todos somos parte de la solución! We are all part of the solution! If you want to know more, do follow Titi Conservation Alliance on Twitter and Facebook!
Julie Bygraves, London, UK
While preparing my two month stay in Cost Rica from the beginning of October 2010, I read about the efforts of TCA to protect and expand the habitat of the endangered Titi monkey. The work of TCA inspired me, so I contacted TCA regarding volunteer possibilities. Tey Arce, the director of TCA, was happy with my application. We met each other a few weeks after my arrival in Costa Rica to talk things through. Tey arranged for me a stay with a very kind guest family in Quepos, close to Manuel Antonio. After settling down, I started with my work for TCA. My main assignment was to compose a target list of granting organizations for 2011. In addition, I contacted the local office of PwC (my former employee in the Netherlands) to provide TCA with the legal conditions regarding tax deductions of donations. At tht time, TCA didn’t have its own office so I could work from Café Milagro, serving the best coffee in the area, and Hotel Gaia with great panoramic views. During my volunteer period TCA also organized a cocktail party at Hotel Gaia, which was really fun. Thanks to TCA I met a lot of nice people and had a great time in the Manuel Antonio area.
Harris Pheifer, Volunteer Researcher / Project Coordinator
At Costa Rican Trails we feel very proud of supporting the work of Titi Conservation Alliance in Costa Rica´s Central Pacific region. Being such a tourism developed region, their efforts are highly appreciated. Titi monkeys and biodiversity in general, have been affected in their behavior, habitat, food and reproduction possibilities.
Our Company promotes environmentally responsible tourism, and we therefore work with organizations like Titi Conservation Alliance. We genuinely care about creating awareness, and involving our clients in volunteer programs that support the efforts of organizations aiming to protect nature and national wildlife. We invite other companies to support Titi Conservation Alliance amazing work and results!!
Jeldryn Vargas Rodríguez
Projects and Sustainability
Costa Rican Trails
Dentro del Programa de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial y Ambiental que se mantiene en Banco Promerica de Costa Rica, ofrecemos el apoyo a la Asociación por la Conservación del Mono Tití.
Y para dar apoyo a esta fundación Banco Promerica se hizo presente con la actividad del Hula Hoop!
Un grupo de colaboradores nos dimos a la tarea de apoyar esta iniciativa y nos comprometimos a buscar donativos, participando activamente en los eventos recreativos de Hula Hoop en centros comerciales para dar a conocer la fundación.
El compartir con personas de la Fundación, me permitió conocer más acerca de la actividad que realizan como por ejemplo la reforestación del Río Naranjo, el apoyo a proyectos de desarrollo sostenible y la educación ambiental en escuelas públicas primarias.
La experiencia vivida, fue muy gratificante, el ayudar a recolectar fondos para tan buenas causas hace generar a nivel personal un compromiso más fuerte no solo con esta causa, también hace acrecentar el compromiso con la sociedad.
En una de las actividades, tuve la oportunidad de compartir con mis hijas, y les hice saber la importancia de apoyar fundaciones que buscan el bien no solo de una comunidad, sino de nuestra biodiversidad, como lo realiza en este caso la Asociación por la Conservación del Mono Tití, y una de las impresiones que ambas mencionaron fue:
“si todas las personas que nos visitan a esta actividad se detuvieran a leer la información, se darían cuenta de que estamos trabajando para todos los que habitamos en nuestro país, para que nuestra Costa Rica sea refugio de muchas especies de animalitos más y lograríamos recolectar aún más, sin embargo, con solo una persona que se detenga y se lleve la información, le contará a sus amigos y familiares y nos buscarán. No me siento trabajando, ni estoy cansada, porque estoy trabajando por la biodiversidad de nuestro país”. Mariana y Lucelena Carvajal A.
Promerica Bank